Mar 17, 2006


It's rare... and a doctor probably wouldn't agree... but it may be the cheese you had on your sandwhich & soup that's causing the back-up.

Cheese/ Milk = constipation

It creates a moucus in the intestines that makes it very hard to pass and causes a backup.

Next time she does have a BM, check and see if she has strings of moucus that look like egg whites.  If so, stop the dairy pronto.

Remember, although you will see improvement, it takes 3-4 weeks to get casein out of your system.

If the karo water doesn't work and you need to do a suppository, let me know... I'm a pro.

Posted at 01:25 pm by bellbull
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Mar 16, 2006
A way to chat...

An easy way for us to get Avery updates throughout the day

Posted at 03:23 pm by bellbull
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